Babysitting Classes

Camp Fire Samish offers a Babysitting Basics class for kids 5th through 8th grade. Learn all the basic skills needed to be a great babysitter! Topics include: age characteristics of children, behavior management, general infant and toddler care, play ideas, safety issues, and what do in emergency situations. This class also includes information on finding sitting jobs and how to work with parents to ensure success. You’ll come away with fun games, confidence, and knowledge to be the best babysitter on the block!

Classes in Bellingham: September 15th is the next class in Bellingham.  It is held in the new Wohelo Room – 1321 King St Suite 3, (near the Lakeway Fred Meyer). To register click here or call (360) 733-5710.

Classes in Blaine: Go to Blaine-Birch Bay Park and Recreation District 2 to register or contact or call at (360) 656-6416.

Classes in Burlington: September 15th  Go to Burlington Park and Rec to register or call at (360) 755-9649