Camp Kirby Employment

Camp Kirby Resident Camp

Working at Camp Kirby is a very challenging, yet incredibly rewarding experience. For most, the rewards of spending the summer outside and working with youth are well worth it. 2018 employment dates are June 30th- August 12th, 2018.

Before applying, please read the 2018 Employment Guide. Next, you can explore our open positions here: 2018 Open Positions Updated June 14.

Camp Kirby Staff Applications can be found below:

2018 New Staff Application

2018 Returning Staff Application

Here is the 2018 Staff Reference Form. This can also be filled out online by clicking here.

Camp Kirby Day Camp

“Kirby Neverland” Day Camp will be held June 25-29, 2018.

2018 Camp Kirby Day Camp volunteer Application